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We hire out flex space ranging from 100 – 10.000 m².

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Bingo Logistics

Variety of goods on 17,000 square meters

Our longstanding expertise and passion for what we do has made us one of the largest secondary marketers in the European Union. Simultaneous with our group, our logistics center with Cash & Carry warehouse has grown as well. Bingo Systems’ constantly optimized processes and modernized systems allow us to offer you a wide range of services – among other things you have the option to inspect the goods you have selected on site. In a subsequent purchase, the items are available on request directly in our Cash & Carry warehouse ready for pickup.

Bingo Logistics Worldwide

We work together with more than 50 national and international popular brands.

Customized shipping solutions

You would like to take the goods with you later? The shipping experts from our logistics center will be happy to assist you with an individual delivery of goods. We are even able to advise you with the desire for a worldwide order processing. As far as import and export is concerned, we take care of all the necessary handling, document preparation and organization of the transport. As a result, you receive all services from a single source. We convince not only with a comprehensive offer but also with experience and competence in import and export affairs.

Individuelle Versandlösungen - Bingo Logistics

„We are champions in offering individual delivery models to our customers – our winning formula is mainly based on our uncompromising service quality.“

Dinko Muhic, Founder, Bingo Systems
Bingo Systems
Many people can tell stories - only a few make history: Since 2009 Bingo Systems has become a leading secondary marketer in the European Union with a storage area of 17,000 square meters and a sixty-headed team of experts in two locations. Learn more about our success story, our service portfolio and our sustainable business processes.

Bingo Recycling

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Do you have any questions on our company, our services, good and/or our partners? Please feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to hear from you!

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